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Our Inspiration
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 5:25pm an earthquake, magnitude 7.0, shook the country of Haiti to its core. It collapsed homes and buildings, killing hundreds of thousands, injuring even more. It left millions of people homeless, jobless, injured, without electricity, running water or the means to obtain food, medication or living supplies. A country already hindered by poverty, food shortage, and limited resources was crushed by this unfortunate, unyielding act of nature.

Since that devastating day in January, Haiti has continued to suffer. A cholera epidemic has claimed thousands of lives and shows no sign of abating. Hurricanes and tropical storms have pummeled the coastal towns, floods and mud slides have destroyed the meager shelters of millions living in tent cities within and surrounding the capital. Promised aid from foreign countries has yet to reach the millions of people affected by inconceivable tragedy. Even their own government has faltered, having done very little to offer solutions, provide protection, or facilitate improvement and progress.

And yet...when you visit Haiti, it's not the broken buildings and rubble strewn streets that leave an impression. It's the people. The humble, faithful, generous people that, despite unthinkable hardship and sadness, emanate a joy and graciousness that will touch and inspire all who come in contact with them. It's the children. The sweet, beautiful, innocent children who smile, love and trust despite empty tummies, debilitating injuries and loss of parents and loved ones.

The faith and conviction displayed by the remarkable people of Haiti is truly inspiring. Their strength and resilience has motivated us at My Aid for Haiti to commit ourselves to improving lives through improved medical care and living conditions. As you navigate through our thoughts, stories and images we hope that you will be touched by our genuine love for Haiti and will be able to see this country through the eyes of those who have been forever changed by its remarkable people and qualities...

Rubble filled streets in downtown Port Au Prince, three months after the earthquake.
Hundreds of tent cities housed millions of people left homeless by the earthquake.